Meet Meryl W. Dorf, Ph.D.

Dr. Meryl Dorf is a clinical psychologist with an office located in West Orange, NJ.  She began her career as a Staff Psychologist for St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. Dr. Dorf continued her graduate studies  earning a Ph.D. from the The Derner Institute at Adelphi University and pursued Post-Doctoral work at the William Alanson White Institute earning a Certificate in Psychoanalysis.  Areas of particular interest include Couple Therapy, working with chronic mental illness, mood disorders, anxiety and geriatrics.

Dr. Dorf began her practice in 1989 in Manhattan, where she worked for 20 years. Now located in West Orange, NJ, Dr. Dorf's office is centrally located to residents of the Greater Metropolitan NYC area and Central Jersey. Her pleasant demeanor, strict confidentiality, and unique insight make Dr. Dorf a most sought after psychologist.

Dr. Dorf is also an artist, with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Carnegie-Mellon University.  She worked for several years as an Art Therapist at Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center, after earning a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Creativity Development in 1980 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

Meryl W. Dorf, Ph.D.


Clinical Psychologist

Our Approach

Our approach is one that will put you at ease.  You will find a safe, confidential and easy setting in which to share your thoughts, feelings and experience.  Our goal is help you find your voice, say what needs to be heard and help you express it to those who need to hear.  At times, it may need to be you...

Our History

Dr. Dorf has been working in the field for over 30 years.  Starting as an artist, she brings a creativity and willingness to create an approach that works with each individual.  Over the years, she has worked in out-patient clinics, in-patient hospital settings, nursing homes, and in private practice.  She is familiar and experienced with all facets of the human experience.

Next Steps...

Dr. Dorf is not on panels for insurance.  However, with out-of-network benefits, you will be eligible for reimbursement according to your policy.

To learn more about us or to schedule a consultation please call us at: 862-250-0126.